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Basic Guide On Electric Boat Trailer Winch

// June 10th, 2013 // No Comments » // Automotive, Maritime

In its basic version, an electric boat winch is a spool or drum that is designed to turn only in one direction, that being clockwise. In its manual form, a handle is used to turn or revolve the drum using physical effort. An electric powered boat winch replaces physical power with electrical power. Winches on boats are used to raise and lower sails and anchors, to move cargo around, and to load or unload cargo.

On recreational sail private yachts, a common use of electric boat winches is to raise and lower the sails and anchor. For example, at the push of a button, an electric powered winch can hoist, trim or lower either the mainsail or foresail. Likewise, it can bring up or lower and anchor in regulated fashion at a rate of 80-90 feet each minute.

Additionally, it avoids repeated heavy manual lifting. Anchors are heavy, they weigh several tens of kilograms. They weigh even more when chain is employed as rode. Some ships, particularly pleasure fishing vessels, anchor several times per hour. Manually lowering and raising an anchor adds to fatigue and may cause back strain.

Regular winches are not made to carry the heavy drag load of a vessel at anchor. When an anchor has been dropped and set, the rode should be secured or tied off to a cleat or bollard. Additionally, if the rode consists of chain, a chain stopper should be installed between the winch and bow roller.