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Dispoable Tea Cups: Safe And Perfect For Children Tea Party

// June 10th, 2013 // No Comments » // Beverages, Household, Parties

If your children drop a plastic cup, the only thing will happen is perhaps some scratches which can be successfully camouflaged if you own a textured plastic cup. For catering children gathering you might want to try the custom made plastic cups, you can actually customized them and put some message or the name of the celebrant. You can also put some custom logo if you want, use it as a give-away party gift to make it memorable. If you buy a custom made plastic cup, a sticker with text and artwork pattern is already included, you can use it to enhance the plastic cup.

You can actually make use of cheap plastic tea cups to offer hot drinks, although not every plastic cup are intended for use in hot liquids, most of the time they are not. So if you plan to use them for hot drinks make sure you verify the specification first to avoid it from melting or deforming and burn the user. These cups are also reasonably priced, so they are perfect for occasions with many guests. You can get them even cheaper if you buy them in larger quantity or wholesale.

You can buy them in different attractive colors and pattern that young children will absolutely love. You can find two kinds of plastic tea cups, one is the reusable and the other one is the throw-away or disposable type. Reusable plastic cups have thick body and usually dish washer compatible and can easily accommodate on the top rack of most dishwashers. Use it to serve fresh milk and frosty fresh fruit beverages for your young children.