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Bible Verses About Worry

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Bible Verses About Worry

What does the bible say about worry? A good word uplifts a man but anxiety and worry puts him down. Praying with thanksgiving to God lets your request and problems be known to him. The bible tells us not to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry for itself but the peace of God passes all understanding, guards our hearts and our minds from evil intentions that could come against us. Through the strength of God we are able to do anything and refrain ourselves from worrying about anything.

Some Bible verses about worry:

  • Psalms 37:7
  • Luke12:22
  • Matthew 6:27-29

The Bible says that there is nothing bad with accepting and dealing with problems of our day to day activities but it is not good to be crippled with excessive worrying because such kind of worries should be committed to prayers and believing in God and that he can deliver us from our worries. Worrying sometimes comes from the sins we have committed but it is important to repent and ask for forgiveness from God. Trusting in God with all of your heart and not worrying about anything brings good health to your body and makes you lead a good life.