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Not All That Great As Of Late

// May 27th, 2013 // No Comments » // Waste Management

There is a lot of garbage out there in the world. Really there is! Not just the kind of trash you know that needs to be taken away or called up for waste removal, but there is a lot of lying, trickery, and sinful ways of this world going on lately. Not to say that this was never the case–that this was a perfect world–but it has not been all that great as of late. The politics that are going on, the clashing between nations and returning of gifts… what’s this all about? Is world war three on the horizon? What is coming up next is my concern. This planet we are on seems to be bursting at the seams and it is as if the world is about to explode in a matter of minutes coming up. That is all it comes down to–the next minutes of life and what it about to happen next. What this world needs is someone to clean up the mess–to take out the garbage and pretty this little planet right on up so there is no mess left on the outside or on the inside.