Three key points for an operational event log management tool

// March 24th, 2013 // Computers, Software

The execution of event log management should always be in the most effective fashion. Of course, to make that possible, an apropos logger tool would be a requirement. There is a plethora of log viewers, log analyzers and what have you developed by freeware providers these days. However, setting parameters will help determine which amongst the long list will definitely meet the purpose of having a logger tool in the registry. Here are three points that make an operational tool for log management:

-A powerful tailing command that covers up the necessary log threads from various sources and in a spectrum of formats.
-The capability to let users grasp for certain log data. For instance, log data filters to refine results by format, temp and source.
-A graphical user interface so that users can be guided with the chronological and categorical order of the acquired tailing results.

For these features and more, Centeractive has the right solution for you: the Retrospective log management software.

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