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// March 19th, 2013 // Marketing, Social Media

Can you count on Facebook to be at the point-of-sale?

Amazon ImageMore and more people make their purchases on the internet. Retailers on the other hand develop different strategies – sometimes they put output to digital technologies while also on Facebook. We give examples.

The retail sector in the crisis

More and more people are shopping on the web… that is not a secret. The reasons for this are complex: there is shopping more convenient and often cheaper to get richer information. In Germany, the annual growth in online retail is 13% and now accounts for 10-15% of all retail sales.

Smartphones exacerbate the problematic situation of the retail trade. Ex-looking though customers continue past the shops – test the products here but only to order them to be when leaving the store at Amazon or another online retailer of trust – well then, ‘Thank you for visiting’.

A study shows that more and more buyers shopping in this way.

Amazon ImageBut trade reacts. He sits at the point-of-sale on digital technology to win back customers. Paul Marsden, in his new SYZYGY white paper ‘ Digital at POS. Reinventing Retail for the Connected Customer ‘(the white paper is available for free as a PDF) examples. The solutions are very different. Some of them rely on the advantages of traditional on-site shopping, namely immediacy, service and the shopping experience. Sometimes they go to the advantages of online trading and are counting on the customers in the store more information, greater comfort and a better value for money to offer than ever before.

What role for the giant Facebook to play?

Many companies think the customers in the store to make shopping even through the on-site use of social media again palatable. The following are some examples of the use of Facebook:

The Danish chocolate Mr. Teller Anthon Berg offered his ” Generous Store “the possibility chocolate for a good deed to get – this one promised directly via Facebook post in business simply to his friends (” I’ll clean your car! “).

In Diesel stores, it is possible directly via a mirror in the dressing area to inform his friends on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by!

C & A shows in Brazil, the number of hangers of “likes” that has received a piece of clothing on the web.

NAP and other vendors allow customers to choose on-site shopping directly with loyalty card at checkout if you would like to share the shopping online with his Facebook or Twitter friends. Being rewarded by discounts.

Providers such as Pretty Digits to let customers Like screens’ right Like a busy store. Interestingly, however, are solutions that give customers a real incentive for this, for example, Facebook consoles, where you can take pictures, digital rewards to earn and easy to check. ‘ This works especially well at tourist sites – shows you where you are so happy.

How successful are these strategies?

About the attractiveness of these offers is debatable. For example, seems the on-site reward from Facebook posts to be an interesting off-model, I find such deals online already questionable. services like Pay-With-A-Tweet generate spam, recommendations yet acquired, or just Products purchased are not actual recommendations.

Amazon ImageIn addition, the customer always pays another price ‘for the discount: One message tells the forced with 1000 Facebook friends, one it shares only with the non-existing readers of his fake Twitter accounts.

Questionable, but I find especially if you Sun from former buyers again makes buyers. Take the case of C & A clothes hanger.

This will give the customer even an indication of how popular a garment X. But I’m interested in as customers, the number of Likes? If the buyer is not positive / negative reviews in order to better assess the quality of the goods, even at best, comments or references to products?

The use of social media at the point of sale can make sense. Ultimately, however, it must be about to offer the customer real value. Key to this are mainly richer information and a compelling shopping experience.

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