Simplify your emotional life

// December 16th, 2013 // Health, Lifestyle, Mental Health

Everyone seems to be advocating simple living nowadays. Such as this book simplify your life. Not that it would be a bad one. Quite good actually. But lets take at our emotional life and how to simplify it.

Actually, I will offer you 3 tips.

Tip number one:

Don’t believe mass media, cut your TV time and find a wholesome hobby instead.

Tip number two:

Avoid drama, be with people who share your values and love you for who you are

Tip number three:

Fidelity. Stay monogamous. The juggling of several partners behind their back is creating stress.

Hey I made it as simple as it can get, haven’t I? I was never really a person to explain myself. So much easier just to tell you to do this or that. Isn’t it?

Just kidding. But seriously, I doubt you need much explanation to the three tips above. More of a courage to stick to them.

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But anyway, I hope you liked the tips and if you want to know more… just read the book, it’s worth it. How to simplify your life.

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