Songkran New Year Bangkok

// June 13th, 2013 // Travel

Hundreds thousands of People will take part in a huge water fight in the city of Bangkok for marking the Thai new year or Songkran

The water festival songkran will involving not only local people but thousands of tourist as well that will take to the streets with one aim, getting each other as wet as possible. It’s really amazing.

Wanna more interesting? You will see in some area of the district, the participants also covered the streets with foam as they had a water and foam fight. Songkran celebration often goes for 6 days in parts of Thailand’s biggest event, where it will attracting thousands of tourist to come on the date of songkran.

The water festival or well known as songkran marks the Thai New Year, it is an annual celebration that happen from 13 to 15 April. The throwing of water is a way for respecting to elder people, and in Thai means for cleansing and purification.

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