Laugh A Little When You Take Portraits

Do you like to laugh?

Laughter is considered to be one of the best types of medicine. Peter Ustinov once said, “I was irrevocably betrothed to laughter, the sound of which has always seemed to me to be the most civilized music in the world.” Before famous and beloved comedian Bob Hope passed away he said that throughout his life he had witnessed the joy that laughter causes.

Laughter is a remedy that works towards healing people and bringing us closer to others. Nothing feels better, on a gloomy day, then sharing a laugh with a friend or family member. Many photographers wonder how they can capture true laughter. It is impossible to try and capture fake laughter as this most oftentimes turns into a sneer or grimace in the photograph.

Laughing is good for your mental health. It makes you forget about your worries.

There is one surefire way for a photographer to capture a person in mid laughter.

Many times photographers have trouble getting a natural smile out of children or adults when taking their portrait. If the photographer says “smile” or “cheese” usually the person who is having their picture taken unknowingly opens their lips in a grimace.

This grimace usually captures the person’s teeth instead of their beautiful, natural smile. When a person has a fake smile their eyes do not crinkle or light up as when the person is really laughing. The whole aspect of laughter is missed.

The best way to get a person to naturally laugh or smile during a portrait sitting is to tell a joke that takes the focus off of the camera. Another great way is to try and catch the person off guard. This way you have caught them in a natural state.

A camera can be very intimidating and one of the last instruments on earth to invoke laughter. That is why it is so important to make the person having their picture taken forget about the camera. Purchase a joke book or tell a funny family story. Then when the person is in mid-laughter or smile capture their image.

The photographer will have a beautiful portrait that resembles the true person, not a forced image. Every person is beautiful when they laugh, when they throw their head back and let their face light up with the joy of laughing. Laughter creates photographs that are more natural and lifelike.

Share a joke and watch as so many wonderful pictures begin to unfold.

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