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When talking about marriage, make sure you do not forget Florida. They hold one of the highest marriage rates in the United States; in fact their average is higher than the whole nation. Florida has a marriage rate of 9 out of 1000 people, higher than the nations’ 7.5 average. You can check the statistics by referring to the Florida Department of Public Health, Bureau of Vital statistics who stores and maintains Florida Marriage Records.

Since 1927 up to the present index, they have been storing marriage records in their repository. The documents are deemed as public records and are accessible by any member of the public. Marriage licenses are acquired at the Clerk of the Court office and then transferred to the Vital Statistics office for permanent filing.

Both the groom and the bride should apply for a marriage license and they should do it together. The state will grant a license to marry even if they are not officially registered as citizens in the state of Florida. The couple only needs to present two forms of ID’s – one that is issued by any federal or state agency and one that could be a social security number or an alien registration number. If the bride or the groom is under the legal age of 18, they will need to provide a parent’s consent together with the application for a license. A marriage license is charged $93.50.

The Vital Statistics office issued a certified copy of a marriage certificate. Fill out a form and provide all details that you possibly can give such as the groom and the bride’s name, date of birth, date and state where the marriage was filed and occurred. If you do not know the exact date the marriage occurred, include an estimated range of years to be examined and pay an extra fee of $2 per year. A certified copy costs $5 and $4 for additional copies ordered at the same time. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to finish the processing of the documents but you can also opt to speed up the process. There is a “RUSH” option which only takes 3 to 4 days to complete but with an additional fee of $10.

All orders are not subject to a refund. If no record is found, a “No Record Found” statement will be issued to you. The clerk of the Court office is the one in charge of preserving files dating back before 1927.

If you want to access files outside of Florida, refer to websites that legally issues public records like marriage records. Their database contains public files gathered from different trusted sources. There are sites that are FOC (free-of-charge) and some are fee-based. Choose fee-based sites as they are provide a better quality of search results.

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