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PPC Web Spy

Free PPC Keyword Tool Finds Any Adwords Advertisers Keywords!

Hi, it's Mike Liebner here from with info on a great free keyword tool you can download instantly and start using right away!

It's called PPC Web Spy and it's really clever what this free tool does!

I downloaded PPC Web Spy myself yesterday and am blown away!

I highly suggest you download it!

I'll spare a long detailed description of what it does, because the video on the download page actually shows the tool in use!

The basic premise is - PPC Web Spy works in your browser to find PPC Bid Keywords - you can turn it on or off so it's not obtrusive.

When you search Google it comes alive (if turned on) and adds some extra buttons next to Pay Per Click Adwords ads which when clicked will show you the keywords the advertiser is bidding on!

You can then copy the PPC keywords to your clipboard and paste into a text file!

This is not only great for spying on PPC advertisers, but a great way to assemble some keywords related to your products or web pages!

It does more than that, but to find out all the features I suggest you watch the video on the free download page. It's pretty cool!

PPC Web Spy

Pay Per Click keyword tool helps you make more money by finding the competitions keywords!

See for yourself!

Wishing you success!

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